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Custom Software and Desktop Development

  • Many years of effective work inside the sphere of custom request development offered us great experience. Now like a professional offshore software company, we will be ready implement tasks of any kind of difficulty degree: from purposes for business process automation nearly the large-scale business management methods.
  • Popular Types of Projects

    E-commerce projects are our own major path of customized software services. It shines for substantial rates of functional standardization. All the application components are created by our own software developers and we learn how to setup all of them successfully. You can also use our own IT contacting service with regard to creation of efficient software package development life cycle.

    Venture management methods development demands top professionalism and reliability mainly via business experts and architects. Flexibility in addition to scalability of such projects are supplied by substantial functional vividness and request of complex multilevel architectures. Prosperous enterprise-level customized development is usually assured by predictability of results in any level, as well because the constancy from the process.

    Desktop appls development can be an important branch individuals software services. Most of us develop software package utilities with regard to various companies across this sort of platforms as Windows, Mac and Linux. Our broad experience we can create user-friendly computer applications personalized to certain clients’ needs.

    We implement technologies of Java, C++ (WinAPI, MFC, WTL), .NET Framework (WinForms, WPF) to generate reliable cross-platform computer applications:

    • Desktop software for organization
    • Various software packages
    • Custom apps for client servers
    • Graphic finalizing applications
    • Desktop games

    Custom software services of W3itexperts:

    • Trusted desktop software & applications development services
    • User-friendly software and loaded functionality of projects
    • Utilization of technology and instruments for customized projects
    • Development of production certification and options

    After decades of function our development staff has chosen the most beneficial standard for practices and adjusted these to the conditions of company by creating our own flexible in addition to reliable process.