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C++ Team

  • С++ department is that the team of experts where everybody has deep information in С and С++ languages however our skills and knowledge can’t be measured simply by С/С++. Wide range of the tasks to perform on the one hand and inspired curiosity in new languages and technologies on the opposite hand create us to expand our skilled expertise and scope.

    Here we have list of the languages and technologies we’ve utilized in our project. Note that this list doesn’t coat everything but the foremost ones.

    Programming languages:

    • С/С++
    • Python
    • PHP
    • etc.

    Libraries/ Technologies/Protocols usage:

    • FFTW ( signals frequency analysis)
    • BOOST, STL
    • 7z, libz (data compress)
    • COM, DCOM, ActiveX
    • Qt, wxWidgets
    • MFC, ATL, WTL, GDI+, HTMLayout
    • WinSock, WinHTTP, WinINet, cURL
    • msxml, libxml2
    • openssl, cryptolib , mcrypt
    • etc.

    Development and debugging tools:

    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • gcc, make, cmake, gdb, valgrind, strace, KDevelop
    • etc.

    С++ department provides varied application development (services, COM elements, wed-browser plug-ins, etc.) for all the popular Windows operational systems and UNIX-like OS.

    Several of our projects has non-standard GUIs that are measure enforced with MFC, ATL, WTL, GDI+ libraries and Qt, wxWidgets and HTMLayout.

    We feature on client-server applications development supported TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP and different protocols. So as to secure the privacy of the transferred information we have a tendency to use well counseled libraries like openssl, mcrypt and cryptolib still as our in-house crypto product.