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Privacy Policy

  • NDA and data within the property right

    We worth every bit of knowledge we have a tendency to work with and absolutely awake to the very fact that its confidentiality is commonly essential for our client. Revealing of any information regarding our cooperation with any client together with the very fact of cooperation itself is taboo by default. It’s true even before the NDA is signed. The revealing is feasible solely with a transparent permission of all interested parties concerned in cooperation.

    At a similar time we have a tendency to square measure awake to limiting consequences of such a policy. Typically it prevents the promotion of our services, particularly in respect of expertise confirmation. The prosperity of our client within the long run is way a lot of necessary for us than a fleeting like the show of our capabilities.

    If you send us an invitation to search out however our client estimates our expertise of project implementation, we’ll elicit a permission to disclose specific info and if it’s approved, you’ll get the information requested. Also, if the consumer doesn’t mind against publication, we have a tendency to place the links to the results of our cooperation within the Portfolio on our official web site. There we have a tendency to conjointly give some info concerning comes if it’s approved by the client.

    Profiles in Social Communities

    Our company incorporates a special approach regarding the usage of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, VKontakte, etc. by our experts. In keeping with the strict company rules its taboo for the employee to possess professionally-oriented profiles in social networks because it brings a possible danger of confidentiality violation. we have a tendency to take into account any new contact of a client, contractor or perhaps another employee, carelessly additional to a profile to be dangerous as he or she will be able to share confidential information with the open community against the profile owner’s will.

    Acceptability of information revealed by a definite person is severely controlled, therefore you’ll see within the property right solely info approved by the safety Department of our company.

    Cooperation with us ensures the security of our clients’ secret info.