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Knowing the importance of a client’s project, we tend to take further effort in providing intellectual information security like – Physical Infrastructure Security, information Security, Network Security, Servers and digital computer security. Your data’s exposure is restricted in our secure surroundings. We tend to follow the most recent practices and procedures to safeguard your information with our team.

Some of the safety standards we tend to target include:
• Solely workers, management and approved guests from our shoppers square measure allowed to enter the premises with approved ID.
• Employees and guests have restricted access
• Approved access to servers, networks and workstations controlled through individual passwords.
• Access to special files and project directories is restricted, the due permission levies with the project manager and also the projects comes through dedicated resource.
• All email sent and received square measure thoroughly checked for viruses.
• Regular duplicate for all files and data.
• Anti-virus and SPAM protection for desktops and servers.